Our Clients

A short list of our more prestigious clients and beautiful installs. Check back often as we add more!

Sidewalks in the Village of Camillus NY

Pouring Concrete Sidewalks. Sometimes they arn't easy to get to.

Using our Onondaga County blanket contract for concrete sidewalks and flexible porous pavement, the Village of Camillus was able to get us in to replace numerous sidewalks throughout the village. We even used pervious concrete as a base for their porous brick pavers. The porous concrete allows the rain water to pass into the ground and gives the brick a stable base.

2017 Everson

Once again our blanket contract was used to have us remove and replace failing sidewalks at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY

Smaller Projects

Flexi-Pave decoritive area

A collection of our smaller, but just as noteworthy projects and solutions.

Onondaga Community College

Setting sidewalk joints

In the Summer of '14 EPS was hired to rip out and replace sidewalks in front of the YMCA, Gordon Student Center, and SRC Arena, on the Onondaga Community College campus. Take a look at a small snippet of the work we completed here.


Flexi-Pave overlay


The residential market is a smaller aspect of our work, but never less important. We take pride in all of our installs, and it shows with these installations.

Village of Liverpool, NY

Flexi-Pave tree surround

Between the Flexi-Pave in the village and concrete sidewalks throughout the residential areas we keep busy. With such a tranquil location and residents who are easy to work with, keep the work coming we love working in Liverpool.

City of Rochester, NY

Flexi-Pave tree surround

Rochester knows all the benefits of Flexi-Pave and they love it! We have installed projects all over the city, take a look at some of our work.

St. Patrick’s Church

Flexi-Pave at St. Pats church

We removed the existing crumbling sidewalks and added new concrete sidewalks throughout with accent areas of Flexi-Pave to make the area look great, mitigate tripping areas and allow stormwater to feed the beautiful trees that adorn the entrance.



Finishing concrete

Onondaga County hired us to replace sidewalks around both the War Memorial and Convention center. This included WalkWay (our fine grain pervious concrete mix), Flexi-Pave, and concrete sidewalks. WalkWay was installed as a demo as to how well our mix will hold up in the high traffic and high salt used in downtown. Flexi-Pave and Flexi-Stone were user around trees on the North side of the convention center, and the concrete sidewalks were installed throughout. This area is truly a showcase of our work.

Syracuse University

Our gallery of concrete sidewalks installed at Syracuse University.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

Flexi-Pave really accents this area, it softens the strength of the wall and brings some color to the drab concrete. In the winter this will act as the snow storage area and safely return the water to the ground and prevent icing on the sidewalk.

City of Syracuse, NY

Flexi-Pave tree surround

The City of Syracuse was looking for a product to replace their current system of either tree grates or pea gravel around the trees in the sidewalk. The tree grates would lift causing a tripping hazard, they also choked the tree and collected trash and cigarette butts. This lead to a constant eyesore or maintenance headache. Flexible Porous Pavement was used as a pilot program to test its attributes against other resin bound surfaces.