Flexi-Pave® | Flexible Porous Pavement

Flexi-Pave® is a porous pavement made with shredded passenger car tires and a urethane bonding agent.

Flexi-Pave® Overview

Flexi-Pave® is heavy-duty porous pavement made from recycled passenger tires. This product is the definition of environmentally friendly. Not only is Flexi-Pave® made from tires, it is extremely  porous (3000 gallons/square foot/hour) and has been proven to clean the water as it passes through! Flexi-Pave® can be used everywhere, even as a soft play surface or as a lower impact walking trail.


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Flexi-Pave® Features & Benefits

Flexi-Pave® is an amazing and unique product capable of supporting heavy vehicles. It is extremely porous and has the ability to clean the water that passes through. Some other noteworthy features include:

  • Made from recycled rubber, stone and a urethane binding agent
  • Capable of handling 4,000 inches of water per hour
  • Qualifies for up to six (6) credits
  • Removes significant amounts (up to 90%+) of soluble phosphates and nitrates
  • Slip-resistant
  • Resistant to freeze-thaw
  • Resistant to almost all chemicals
  • Installs 1", 1.5", or 2" thick
  • We have 6 base colors which can be blended to offer 20+ color options

Flexi-Pave® Installation

Our Flexible Porous Pavement is installed by our experienced crew. Environmental Paving Solutions has the only mobile batch plant capable of producing Flexible Porous Pavements and, combined with our skilled craftsman, will deliver a unique and beautiful product. Installation is dependent on weather as we use a moisture cured binder. This limits us to dry days with temps over 45F during installation and above 35F overnight. Hot, humid days can cause accelerated cure times so caution will be used under specific circumstances.

Flexi-Pave® Applications

Our Flexible Porous Pavements are perfect for most applications from residential to commercial although we believe that its benefits are best suited for municipal projects.

Great for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Trails
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Erosion Control
  • Cart Paths
  • Pool Surrounds 


Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC was awarded the Onondaga County Contract for concrete walks, brick repair, and flexible porous paving. This contract was competitively bid and will allow you to get your concrete, brick, or Flexi-Pave® on the ground with a very short lead time. We have turned over jobs in just over a week!

  •     No engineering
  •     No bidding
  •     Competitive prices
  •     Experienced crew
  •     Quality craftsmanship
  •     No job too large or too small
  •     Any municipality in the CNY area can use this contract.

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