Sustainable Solutions

Not only do we offer solutions, we offer "sustainable solutions" where sustainable doesn't just mean earth-friendly; we have wallet-friendly solutions also:

  • Flexible Rubber Porous Pavements: Flexi®-Pave is made from recycled tires so that it is recycled content and porous to boot.
  • Pervious Concrete: As NRMCA trained installation crew and office staff, we stand behind our end product but we aren't afraid to steer you in a different direction if it isn't the best application. Pervious Concrete needs to be designed in the right applications for best results and we can help.
  • Concrete Sidewalks & Flat Work: EPS uses Union Finishers, some of the most experienced in the industry, ensuring a beautiful and quality installation.
  • Snowplowing: EPS has the fleet to plow your lot when you need it. We don't overbook our crew. We also have loaders available for snow removal or snow pile stacking.

About Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC

EPS was created to offer solutions not found with standard pavements or from other contractors. When we started EPS essentially two pavements covered the world: blacktop and concrete. With our help we have changed the minds and landscapes throughout Central and Western New York. We have been the leader in education, installation and development of these brands. You can trust EPS to deliver the highest quality products, installed by some of the most talented employees.


MBE & WBE Certified City of Syracuse Contractor


As a City of Syracuse Certified Minority and Woman Owned Business, along with our years of experience in "Two-Coat" City of Syracuse sidewalks, EPS should be your first choice when looking for a sidewalk contractor!