Concrete Flatwork | Sidewalks, Driveways, Patios

We are Syracuse's Premier Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

Concrete Flatwork Overview

First and foremost, EPS has union finishers;  these guys are the best of the best and some of them have worked for our family over twenty years.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and we stand behind our work. 
With four Ross generations in the sidewalk business we picked up a few tricks along the way. Our style is unique and that innovation and quality is what separates us from the competitors.

Concrete Flatwork Features & Benefits

Environmental Paving Solutions was started by James Ross, the 4th generation of Ross sidewalk builders in Syracuse. The Ross's have been pouring sidewalks in Syracuse for over 90 years! This experience is what makes our sidewalks the best around and it shows. We know quality, offer reasonable prices and have experience with the sometimes complected City of Syracuse permit and specifications.  

Concrete Flatwork Installation

Our installation starts with removing an existing sidewalk or digging for new construction. Once the area is opened up and graded to the proper depth, we then form our sidewalks. Working with existing grades, and controlling water and potential ponding issues we set grade-lines and secure our forms. Unique to our operation we have most of our experience in two coat concrete, we feel this process stands up to our brutal winters better than the standard and is the only system allowed for City of Syracuse sidewalks.

Concrete Flatwork Applications

Our premium concrete installs are perfect for:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • City of Syracuse ROW Sidewalks
  • Garden Paths


Environmental Paving Solutions, LLC was awarded the Onondaga County Contract for concrete sidewalks, brick pavers, and flexible porous paving. This contract was competitively bid and will allow you to get your concrete, brick, or Flexi-Pave on the ground with a very short lead time. We have turned over jobs in just over a week!

  •     No engineering
  •     No bidding
  •     Competitive prices
  •     Experienced crew
  •     Quality craftsmanship
  •     No job too large or too small
  •     Any municipality in the CNY area can use this contract.

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