WalkWay | Fine Grain Pervious Concrete

Attractive, easy to maintain and highly permeable.

WalkWay Overview

Pervious concrete has it benefits but the fact is, it looks ugly! WalkWay is different, we start by using a smaller aggregate, along with exacting water cement ratio to produce a durable, beautiful and beneficial Fine Grain Pervious Concrete.  

WalkWay Features & Benefits

Fine-Grain pervious mixes deliver people friendly, highly permeable, easy to maintain concrete.

  • Zero Runoff
  • Mimics natural infiltration
  • Prevents erosion
  • Structural strength and durability
  • Does not count as impervious surface
  • More usable square footage available for buildings and parking
  • Reduces or eliminates most storm water infrastructure

Compliant with New Storm Water Regulation:

  • An EPA “Best Practices” product
  • EPA Clean Water Act compliant
  • Clean River Rewards compliant
  • LEED Points: solar reflectance criteria & onsite treatment


WalkWay Installation

Environmental Paving Solutions is an NRMCA trained installer of WalkWay, and has the only Volumetric Mixer in the local area capable and calibrated for Fine-Grain mixes. We use Union Finishers with an substantial concrete experience to deliver a high quality and durable porous concrete. We also use a two pour system, this allows for a durable base of standard porous concrete with a 1"+ dopping of our fine-grain mix. The combination is more appealing, resistant to clogging, and has shown to be more resistant to the torturous Upstate New York climate.  

WalkWay Applications

WalkWay is the best choice for anywhere porous concrete is specified, but should also be considered for:

  • Pool surrounds
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Courtyards
  • Walking/Bike trails
  • Cart paths
  • Plazas

WalkWay Downloads

Walkway Fine Grain Brochure

Walkway Fine Grain Design Standard

WalkWay Architectural Specification-

Please contact us for the most up to date specification.