Volumetric Mixer | Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

A mobile batch plant for concrete or resin bound pavements

Volumetric Overview

EPS owns and operates the only volumetric concrete mixer truck in Central New York which is why you may not be familiar with the term volumetric mixer. The truck holds all the material needed to produce concrete in separate bins. When needed the truck will mix and blend all the components and begin producing fresh concrete.  The beauty of this is it doesn't matter how far from a plant you are, your concrete will always be fresh.


Truck 1

Batch Resin Bound Surfacing

After almost a year of development EPS has what we believe to be the only mobile batch plant for resin bound surfacing. Developed for our Flexi-Pave product the modifications on our volumetric truck allow for any single component "glue" to be mixed with most aggregates. Designed for concrete, the inherent precision of the truck is what made it the perfect base to build this resin bound mixer, our integrated "glue" metering system continues the precision and ensures a perfect mix. Perfect for mixing rubber playground surfacing, flexible porous pavements, ornamental stone surfacing. If you have a big job and are sick of the slow, arduous mixing process, contact us to discuss how we can make short work of that project.

Features of a Volumetric Mixer

  • Mobile batch plant for concrete or resin bound surfacing
  • Move all over the city pouring different locations with one truck
  • Only truck capable of mixing resin bound surfacing
  • With consistent loading, the truck is able to run indefinably, producing mixed product 24/7
  • Batch as little or as much as you need, the truck can pause indefinably with no issue with product quality
  • Change mixes throughout the pour if needed.


Resin bound mixing in action