Soil Stabilization | Low Impact Development

The natural, decorative, and economical paving and erosion control system

Soil Stabilization Overview

ResinPave is an amazing product. With ResinPave we are able to use in-place soils and stone (or bring stone in for new construction) to make a solid walking trail or roadway by simply adding and blending our glue with the base. Once hardened the trail is solid, ADA compliant, won't dust or turn muddy and will resist erosion. Perfect for nature trails, seasonal driveways or a simple way of stabilizing a hillside. 

Soil Stabilization Features & Benefits


  • When using in-place soils we can be competitive as it is more economical than asphalt.
  • Durable pavement resists erosion, dust, and mud.
  • ADA compliant, wheel chair accessible pathways.
  • Environmentally friendly. The "glue" is tested to be non-toxic and safe for animals, marine life and humans.
  • When utilizing a light color aggregate the area won't absorb heat like asphalt resulting in a diminished heat island effect.
  • Easy to maintain; depending on use a sealer should be applied every year or two.



Soil Stabilization Installation

One of the unique benefits of our soil stabilization process is the ability of using in-place materials to build trails. A lot of the trail systems around our area are made with stone dust. Currently these trails become muddy and are not ADA compliant, but with an application of our soil stabilization, these trails become solid, resist mud and can become ADA compliant. Our process is also low impact, and can be installed with as little as a shovel and rake, or for larger jobs a skid steer or even a road paver, makes quick work of the blending.

Soil Stabilization Applications

As a multi-tool of soil stabilization it can be useful to resist erosion of hills, piles of aggregate salt or coal. It is also perfect for binding up loose soils in trails, camp sites, horse or vehicular paths and roads. Useful anywhere water or air erosion can cause mud or dust!



Soil Stabilization Downloads

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