PaveDrain | Porous Paving Block

Our solution to heavy duty traffic on pervious pavement

PaveDrain Overview

PaveDrain is a large paving block with a built in storage area. Stormwater is captured between each block and recharges the ground water  or stores in the arched area directly below the block. This design combined with the durability is what sets this system apart from the other porous paving products. If you are looking for a porous pavement for suitable for heavy duty traffic including trucks and construction equipment, look no further.

PaveDrain Features & Benefits

Modular- Depending on the installation PaveDrain can be installed in mats allowing for quick installation and being able to drive on it almost immediately,

Very Porous- Tested at 2000 gallons per minute per square foot or 4000 in/min/sf this system is as porous as them come.

Cleaning- Cleaning is simple, the best method is using a air compressor with a wand to blow debris from the gaps.

Save valuable land- Like all our porous pavements you can maximize land use by using your parking lot as a stormwater pond. PaveDrain maximizes the benefit because it arched design stores more stormwater than a typical stone infiltration bed.

Heavy Duty- PaveDrain is the only product we recommend in areas that will see truck traffic. This block is so durable it can even be used around construction equipment like skid steers. Although damage isn't typical, if it does happen each block can be pulled and replaced in minutes.

PaveDrain Installation

PaveDrain can be installed in two methods. PaveDrain can be laid just as brick pavers, one at a time, perfect for small areas or where there is limited access for heavy equipment. Where access isn't an issue PaveDrain can be laid in mats. The mats are interconnected blocks using a poly cable to allow for a modular installation. These mats can be assembled offsite, shipped in and set with a crane or heavy construction equipment. Once they are set and the area is completed this pavement can be open for traffic. No curing time required.

PaveDrain Applications

PaveDrain is unique because it can be used where no other pervious pavements would dare.

  • Parking lots
  • Loading docks
  • Roads or road shoulders
  • Construction entrances

Or use it anywhere a beautiful porous pavement is desired:

  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Courtyards